Restaraunts & Hospitality

Your technology is just as important as your service. At OTR we understand that our client’s are constantly faced with unique and dynamic challenges:

• Consumer tastes and preferences
• Location based data
• Spending habits and economic trends

Our dedicated experts stay up to date on challenges and opportunities that impact the restaurant and hospitality industry so you can focus on what matters — keeping your customers happy.

Financial Services

From accounting standards, industry regulations, and the ever-evolving tax rules. OTR has been serving the financial services community for over a decade. Our consultants understand the unique needs of:

• Loan Servicing Applications
• Regulatory and Statutory Compliance
• Enhanced Business Intelligence Reporting

We help our clients navigate through the complexity of reporting, governance and regulatory issues to achieve their business objectives.



Efficiency is power. For over a decade we’ve helped distributors and warehouse managers keep a watchful eye on their inventory, so that they can scale or optimize based on demand. Today’s wholesalers are on a quest for customer service and organizational efficiency which we know can be hard to find.

Our distributors need solutions which can provide the leading edge to not only dominate their industry but also provide real time solutions. No matter how small or large the company, OTR will help you get precise, accurate and detailed inventory information when you need it!

Oil and Gas

We understand the unique set of challenges presented in the Oil & Gas industry. From accounting software to system infrastructures OTR has a breadth of knowledge and understanding for each specific regulatory need facing operators and non-operators alike. Our clients are constantly having to respond to:

• Governmental reporting
• Environmental requirements
• Volatile economies
• and myriad investor requests

Our team can help you navigate all the regulatory standards and data management you deal with on a daily basis by unifying disparate systems or optimizing current ones.



Health care organizations are constantly facing a multitude of complex issues. With over a decade of experience our consultants will help you pin point and address each one these industry challenges like:

• Accounting services
• Tax reimbursements
• Technology solutions and Insurance claims

From optimizing your medical billing to strengthening your facility’s infrastructure, we can help you establish a solid technological foundation so you can provide the best possible care


Quality is key. That means being able to manage inventory and production anywhere you go. We understand your company faces the increasing challenges and pressures of:

• Production control
• Quality assurance
• Inventory management
• Maintaining energy costs
• Competition from low cost imports
• Integration demands from large customers and vendors

To meet these challenges you need the OnTarget solution — it could help you identify opportunities for automation, workforce efficiencies and process optimization.



Imagine a single source for timelines, bids and worker information. Imagine your current software performing to it’s maximum potential. We at OTR know that our clients are constantly juggling a variety of challenges:

• Project deadlines and specific budgets
• Managing day to day operations
• Keeping track of bids, estimates, timelines and laborers

Our experts provide a customized tailored solution unique to your specific needs that will keep your projects racing forward on time and on budget.


How to do more with less? Your technology, and in today’s educational landscape our clients are facing the overwhelming pressure of increased levels of service with diminished budgets and revenues. With over a decade of experience specializing in:

• Accounting software and solutions
• Operations and consulting solutions
• Tax compliance assurances and more

We can keep your operations working harder and smarter, so that your students and teachers have every available opportunity to succeed.


Media and Publications

Like many businesses today you need a technology solution that can evolve with a media landscape that constantly shifts. Our expert consultants specialize on delivering business solutions that provide the business agility, improved productivity, and performance our clients need.

• Providing proven business solutions
• Meet industry specific needs
• Reduces overall costs

We can solidify or strengthen your current platforms and applications so you can keep your eye on creating and innovating.

Non-Profit Organizations

You do important work. Your technology shouldn’t get in the way. In fact, it should empower you to do even more. We know the non-profit sector consist of professionals in assurances, tax and consulting services in organizations such as:

• Federal compliance
• International services
• Technology and more

We can help you implement a solution thats up to date on the trends, challenges and the most current information so you can focus on what matters most — success.