Put your technology to work

To stay on target in a “do more with less climate”, you need efficient operations and the flexibility to meet the changing needs of your business environment with relative ease. Operating a business takes more than good intentions, it takes smart choices; and Rand Group has built their business on helping you make the right decisions.


Frustration-Free Software

Between selecting the solution and configuring it to match your business need, there are many variables to consider. Add to that transferring data, managing change across your organization and re-training staff on how to perform their tasks, and the process of ERP and CRM implementations solutions can seem insurmountable. Our team will ensure that complexity doesn’t equal frustration with dedicated service, technical expertise and a collaborative spirit.


Software Customization

Our consultants understand your concerns and can provide you with a unique blend of application, business and technical resources to support your company’s unique needs. From improving user acceptance, to enhancing process flow and extending the life of your system we can help you establish a solid technological foundation so you can focus on what matters most — success.


Seamless Integration

If you’re not getting the total functionality you expected from your new or existing ERP/CRM system, it’s could be time to consider a system integration plan. Our consultants provide “open-architecture” system design and programming that enable you to seamlessly integrate your custom and best-of-breed systems with your core ERP and CRM systems. Our CRM system open architecture even functions as a data hub and foundation for custom applications.


Product Training

Our experts are prepared to help ensure that the learning curve with your new systems, products and applications isn’t too steep. Our dedicated Microsoft Certified Professionals will work with you and your staff to make the most of your new software.


System Upgrades

From decision making to business processes our system upgrades will provide you with the most current software features available. Upgrades will improve your system, but also present challenges. We’ll help guide you through the process, ensuring that the changes keep your momentum going.


Dedicated Support

Our experts are dedicated to ensuring that your systems are always functioning, efficient and profitable for your business. We have the know-how and experience to resolve virtually any issue, while limiting the disruption of your daily operations and improving the long-term health of your system.