The On Target Solution
Finding the right technology partner who can best support your operations is more important than ever. This is why we’re committed to not only providing you with systems that adapt to your ever-changing needs, but also helping you find the right solutions before they’re even become necessary.

We’re With You All the Way
We don’t consider you a client. We consider you a partner. It’s that philosophy that sets us apart. We’ll come alongside you as we determine the most effective solutions for software selection, user support and more.

At On Target Resources, we understand that your success is our success. For that reason, we’re committed to finding solutions that work best. From project initiation to end user requirements, you need things to work a certain way. That’s why our team of experts makes it their job to understand the nuances of your business. We’ll not only ensure your project runs smoothly, we’ll also be with you from start to finish.

Our experienced team works hard to ensure you have both a clear understanding of how things work and a clearly defined path to success. Our portfolio includes:

Our highly skilled and helpful staff will assist you in finding the right tools to address your specific business needs.


The Best Solutions.
Our team of experts will conduct a careful analysis of your business needs to help determine the best solution to set you up for success. We choose software based on predetermined criteria common to most businesses, but also specific enough to meet unique objectives. These include:

  • Strategically sound technical requirements
  • Present and future functional requirements
  • Ease of use and appropriateness for your business
  • Total cost and ROI
  • And more…

Finding the best solutions requires a thorough understanding of your business and its specific needs. Also, before any decision is made, our experts take into account how specific solutions implementation can affect your organization from a budget and timeline perspective. Simply put, we think of everything.

Optimized for Success
Figuring out how you use technology to support your business goals is no small task. And if you think about it, technology is only one part of the equation. Employees, skill sets, processes, systems—even your business model—all play a role in the success of your business. Realizing how technology best aligns with these factors is critical to success. That’s why we thoroughly analyze your business to determine the best way to optimize and improve performance. Once that’s done, we’re able to put together a robust implementation plan that’s fully aligned with your goals.

Maybe your business is expanding. Perhaps your system is experiencing capacity limitations. Maybe you have concerns about the reliability of your current system. Regardless, the reasons for a full-scale analysis are many. Determining your specific needs is the key to optimizing your system. No one knows how to do that better than On Target Resources.

Is it time for you to optimize your system? Ask yourself the following:

  Have you made any recent changes to your business strategy?
  Did your business process requirements change in the past year?
  Have you recently changed system functionality requirements?
  Are you facing new accounting or regulatory requirements?

As your business volume grows so should you systems performance, so don’t wait to optimize your technology, start supporting your business goals today.

We're here for you

At On Target Resources, we pride ourselves on our thorough knowledge of current and future software offerings as well as our prompt, clear communication. Quite simply, when you need us, we’ll be there. Quickly. Our goal is to invest in your business by delivering innovative solutions. That means you have more time to do what you do best—run your business. Contact us today and discover how to ensure your business stays on target with On Target Resources.